Necessitation of Lone Worker Safety Solutions
for your Workplace and its Benefits.

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COVID-19 has brought with it an unprecedented number of challenges and difficulties that have resulted in a different way of working.

 The working environment has shifted. There has been a rapid increase in remote work ever since then. Technology has liberated and changed the dynamics of the workforce, with processes that are streamlined at a scale never before seen. Whole teams can work remotely, and individuals have more autonomy to work alone. 

From a healthcare worker driving to a client, to an engineer conducting a remote site check-up, lone workers are far from rare in today’s work climate. Hence why lone worker safety solutions play a vital role in ensure your employees safety.

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Who is lone worker - Alone Worker

Who is a Lone Worker and How can you identify them?

Who is a lone worker? A lone worker is someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. What do these lone workers look like? It varies from industry to industry, a lone worker can be a guard on night duty, an electrician working on a pole or a person with a night shift at the grocery store. 

The common ground in all this is that, these employees are isolated and are vulnerable to incidents including, fatal and non-fatal injuries, harassment, robbery or other dangerous behaviors.

Other risk factors include personal safety issues and irregular working hours. Therefore, it is an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of such employees because they are in atypical working environments. Accidents or emergencies could be fatal if the response is not fast enough. 

Remote workers may have poor access to help either due to the nature of their work or their locations. In order to prevent all the incidents, lone worker safety solutions are crucial. Lone worker safety solutions are a constant effort in ensuring the protection of your lone worker.

Statistics on Non-fatal & Fatal Injuries of Lone Workers:

According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) the latest provisional 2019/2020 report states that 693,000 workers in Great Britain sustained a non-fatal injury, according to self-reports from the labor Force Survey in 2019/20. 

On top of that, 111 workers in Great Britain endured fatal injuries in 2019/20, according to RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations).
Many organizations require employees to perform duties or activities without supervision or any team members present to assist or support them. This is known as lone working.

 Lone working does not necessarily mean higher risks of accidents or violence, but it does make them more vulnerable.

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Lone Worker Apps Eliminating Vulnerability

Lone worker safety solutions are a newer vertical, but it is rapidly growing due to the escalation in remote jobs and workers. 

Working remotely or alone increases the safety risks involved in any job, remote workers may have poor access to help either due to the nature of their work or their locations. 

Lone worker incidents are more common than you think – that is why, lone worker safety solutions ensure that your employee is safe – no matter where they are working.

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Multiple Lone worker safety apps are available on the market. Your employee would simply have to download the mobile application, from there they can stay in touch with you at all times. Especially in case of accidents or any incident– an emergency alert is built-in in every lone worker safety app. The employee simply has to tap on the alert and it is directly transferred to the response center from where they can pinpoint the employee’s location through GPS and provide an immediate response to the employee in distress. These are just the general ground principle on which almost every lone worker app functions.
Lone Worker Safety Solutions Benefits

Benefits of Lone Worker Safety Solutions

So far you must have understood how essential lone worker apps are for your remote employees. Now let’s look into the benefits that they have to offer. You can track your employee’s check-in and check-out times. Workers can check-in when they start their shift and can check-out when the shift has ended.

Easy and seamless communications between the worker and the employee. Incase of any emergency the worker can simply press the panic button to trigger an alert to their employee and communicate without any disruptions. 

Apart from that, alert notification is sent to the response center and appropriate help is immediately on its way. Another key benefit of lone worker apps is their full automation. Meaning that they work 24/7 a day, every day of the week.

MiSOS – A Top Class Lone Worker App

MiSOS app is dedicated to ensure lone worker safety. Providing quick responses to alerts. Not only that, it also focuses on the safety of your lone workers, no matter where they are working from. 

Track your employees in real-time with seamless communications and quick responsiveness. in order to ensure their protection. Feeling safe should be prioritized, no matter where you are, get notified immediately to manage incident on site. 

MiSOS is paving the way for personal safety solutions. Incidents are managed in real-time with seamless communications and quick responsiveness, in order to ensure the protection of the user. Feeling safe should be prioritized, no matter where you are.
To sum it all up, lone worker safety solutions are crucial for your organization so that you can make your lone workers feel safe!

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