Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Integrated App Technologies Automated Scheduling & Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Integration of the latest mobile app functionalities enables real-time visibility, seamless communications, and help staying in control of every aspect of remote operations.

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Complete Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Check Calls

Missed Check-Calls, Location tracking and Staff Welfare are all managed by MiSentinel Automated Platform.

Panic Alert

When an incident occurs, a lone worker can report it via the Panic Alert or Incident Management functionality in the phone app.

COVID-19 Compliance

Post-Covid Compliance is critical for employee and to the general public when working in public places.
lone worker safety solutions

Lone Worker Monitoring & Tracking

The system offers organisations a complete solution that enables the user to the following key aspects.

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Mobile App Features

Incident Reports
Dispatch & Response
Shift Allocation
HR & Payroll
Live Chat
Lone Worker Safety
COVID-19 Compliance
Panic Alert
Mobile App
Check Calls
QR Scanning
Remote Tracking

Incident Management

When an incident occurs, a lone worker can report it via the panic alert or Incident Management functionality in the mobile app. Lone worker can attach an MMS, have live chat or assign a point and send to the control room. It is greatly important that the incidents are managed in real-time and prompt notifications are sent to all the stakeholders. The cloud-based platform ensures there are no delays in communications and Incidents are managed in an appropriate manner.

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Face Mask

Post-COVID staff safety and compliance module are developed and included in MiSentinel App. At the time of checking to the shift, the mobile camera detects if security guard is wearing a face mask or not. The system automatically reports to the control room Via Live Activity Wall.

Lone Worker Protection

A unique QR-code for each site gives location tracking and enhanced Lone Worker protection. Attendance using QR Codes, latitude & longitude points to an exact location which ensures the safety of staff and accuracy in reporting to the customer.

Easy To Setup

Cloud-Based Online Platform which requires only LogIn from any device.

Easy To Use

Even nontechnical staff can start using the software with only 2 hours training.

Time Tracking

Integrated mobile apps through QR Codes keep track of time, activities and schedules automatically.

Collaborative Response

All the stakeholders are kept informed of mission critical activities like Incidents and panic alerts automatically.

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