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Your Complete Catering Staff Management Software

With the aim of bringing administrative challenges to none within the workforce management, we’ve solidified a transparent communication. This has had a marvelous impact on the easy flow of tasks & events. Our catering staff management software allows for the assignment of new duty or give instructions to either one member of the staff or entire workforce, that can be done with just one tap.

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MiSentinel serves as a smart liaison between crew and manager.

Maintaining Staff Database

All information is safe & saved by MiSentinel including employees, supervisors & contractors.

Apply For Shifts

Apply for a change in your shift or make a request at any time of the day filling out our simple form.

Mobile Access

Manage your schedule & keep track of your staff to glance their clock in/clock out, installing our free mobile app today!

catering staff management software

Spread Your Business Via Catering Staff Management Software

Manage tens of thousands of events all over the world just from your devices!

Our highly advanced software MiSentinel, effortlessly automates your timesheets and notifications with the idea of eliminating human errors & miscommunication.

Losing important documents will not happen on our watch since the system allows you to message any specific individual or group using prominent colour coding on the app. Thus, it identifys any Shift Status, modification in Position or Absence.

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