Employee Scheduling Software For Retail Companies

Retail Employee Scheduling & Staff Management

Have you ever wondered how different things would be, if all your Retail Staff Team having various permanent or flexible work hours (across different locations), can be easily managed by a few clicks? The very thought is undoubtedly very calming.

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An overview of the most important functions

Keep An Eye On Staffing Costs

The solution we’d provide would facilitate with day-to-day control of retail outlets’ staff costs, along with resource management. Have faith in MiSentinel as its our primary duty to track your true sales as well as staff cost percentage.

Refining Staff Retention

With MiSentinel, the complexity around staff retention is likely to be improved as every single worker would have his/her own portal, allowing them to oversee their profile information, apply for shifts & request for leave. Think of how helpful a portal can be in case of an emergency.

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Handling Your Retail Requirements Is Our Responsibility

Whether you own small single retail outlet, a huge departmental store or chain of shops across the country, let our competent team look after you retail department. Use MiSentinel & get the following benefits: -

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