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The transformation and adaptation of SaaS

The transformation and adaptation of SaaS (Software as a Service) and the cloud networking with different software integrations changed the way employees working criteria as well as their working platforms.
Many companies are in the lead or have already laid out their software and have chosen the cloud based to increase security, reliability, volume, and more. How has the workforce of cloud based workforce management software (WFM) changed the way communication centers work?

Cloud Based Workforce Management Software

The best ways to upgrade your WFM cloud based software.

Typically, a more significant agent works with WFM analytics – in short, remote agents require WFM cloud based software to work effectively.

If it can deploy all its agents using cloud based software, it considerably simplifies the life of WFM analysts. It also offers great opportunities for employees.

Do you need a competent representative on a specific channel for tomorrow’s exchange?

Instead of five agents in this skilled workforce, WFM analysts can now use two or more agents when agents are added from elsewhere. This feature works directly with the cloud based workforce management solution. 

Agents can respond from anywhere when changes occur. Another advantage of opening a call center with cloud based solutions is related to the morale and happiness of the agent. Although full-time remote agents have a weekly plan, they often receive requests for overtime, replacement changes, and so on. 

WFM analysts can’t always wait for an agent to come home to make a request, and often agents don’t want to miss these exchange opportunities over the holidays. 

With change notifications available through the WFM mobile app, agents can monitor any active lifestyle and accept changes anywhere. This increased freedom is a massive boost to the satisfaction of the general agent.


WFM Analytics

Cloud based software for easy monitoring and data collection

Instead, WFM analysts often create a group of “virtual” agents (such as a time zone or city) in cloud based software for easy monitoring and data collection. 

The analyst can view real-time exchange rate information for different agents and generate timely and relevant reports on these agents. Storing all this information in one place without interrupting data increases the efficiency of communication centers.



In conclusion, the use of WFM software in the cloud based makes sense for many communication centers, improving the work of analysts and WFM representatives in the exchange environment. Victory for all involved by simplifying data collection and planning operations for both parties.

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