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Hospital staff management is complicated, exhausting & surely hectic work. Scheduling of shifts as well as staff absentees are supremely crucial especially when there is a staff shortage, back-to-back emergencies, and shift gaps.

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An overview of the most important functions

Save a Hefty Amount Of Money

When speaking about healthcare organisations, there is always this immense pressure on cutting down costs so that the focus remains on helping the patients recover. MiSentinel is the very answer to all dilemmas as we’d assist you gain complete control of all the overhead costs.

Replace Staff For Shift In Seconds

Begin filling unfilled shifts today because all you need to do is drag and drop shifts to staff. Through our user-friendly portal, simply inform the required staff member through SMS, e-mail or prompt push notifications & the task is done.

Real Control

Merging professional scheduling and staff management in an efficient manner for busy managers and teams, is what we’re here for. In healthcare, good communication & logistics is the key to success & systematic scheduling is sometimes what really saves lives.

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Hospital and Healthcare Scheduling & Management

Our solution tends to serve the long-term needs of healthcare organisations in turn helping them meet the expectations of stakeholders. To make lives of doctors, nurses & the rest of the staff less stressful, try MiSentinel as its not just affordable but becomes even more cost-effective when the entire department/company uses it. Lucky would be those who’d trust MiSentinel since they’d be getting the following advantages:

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