Warehouse Staff Management Software

Unique Warehouse Scheduling Software & Staff Management Tool

Paid Breaks, Flexible Slots & A Friendly Work Environment

Always short on time? MiSentinel has got your back as it helps you match staffing accordingly. So, no more overstaffing, or late deliveries as we prioritize improving our

customer care in molding our product as per your requirements.

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An overview of the most important functions

Automated Reporting
Staff Scheduling
Incident Analytics
Panic Alert
Incident Security
Live Dashboard
GPS Tracking

warehouse management software

More Time On Hand Because No More Repetitive Processes

We’ve witnessed thousands trust MiSentinel solely because the managers and supervisors will spend less time in the back office. This is a relief for many as more time could be spent on shop floor for face-to-face staff management, along with being readily available while dealing with customers.

Assisting you with the day-to-day control of distribution hubs, warehouse staff costs and resource management, MiSentinel gives you the freedom to carry out your daily, weekly or monthly staff costs quickly as these details are accessible in a second!

Manage your Warehouse with MiSentinel today

Professionally take care of all your warehouse and distribution staffing whether it’s allocated at one, or more than one location.